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Strength and conditioning coaching in Burton upon Trent

Unlock your full athletic potential with our personalised strength and conditioning coaching. Tailored programs designed to elevate your performance, enhance endurance, and sculpt a resilient physique, ensuring you dominate every challenge in your fitness journey.

Strength and conditioning uses a variety of modalities including Speed & agility, Plyometrics, Mobility, Flexibility, Coordination, Balance, weight training and conditioning to achieve the desired outcome for the individual. This can be sport specific training for upcoming events or just to transfer across into everyday life. 

James is a qualified level 4 strength and conditioning coach, through S&C Education and has worked with different Athletes in sports such as Rugby, Powerlifting, Strongman and Hockey. Aswell as helping ex-athletes get back into training after injury.

Personal training in Burton on Trent with The Body Fix Coach

Personal training (in person), in Burton-upon-Trent and Derby

No matter your age or starting point our coaching in Burton upon Trent and Derby, offers a personable approach with suitable training methods for each individual.

A mixture of mobility, flexibility, strength training and nutrition will take you a step closer to your health and body goals.

Online personal coaching with The Body Fix Coach

Online support

The Body Fix Coach offers online coaching and support for those that live too far away from the area of Burton On Trent. With online programs for those that require strength training programs for their sport, and follow up support for our sport and injury rehabilitation clients. 

The Body Fix Coach for Strength and conditioning coaching

Strength training

Our bespoke Strength and Conditioning programs are aimed at seasoned athletes and the general public and are meticulously crafted towards each individual, guiding them through workouts that will help them to hit their outcomes.

Local sporting events

In-person coaching in Burton upon Trent

Our in-person training sessions take place right here at Grindhouse Strongman Facility in Tatenhill, near Burton upon Trent.

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Grindhouse Strongman Strength and Conditioning, Unit 9, Callingwood Farm Buildings, Callingwood Lane, Tatenhill, Burton on Trent. DE13 9SH

Online coaching available.

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