Strength and conditioning, personal training, sports injury and pain rehabilitation and sports massage therapy, in Burton upon Trent

Personal training & coaching services

The Body Fix Coach for strength and conditioning coaching in Burton upon Trent

Whether you are struggling with pain, want to get stronger or lose weight, we have different solutions available to help you achieve your goal, with personal training available to clients in the Burton upon Trent and Derby area, and online coaching available worldwide.

Sports injury and pain rehabilitation

Treatment room at The Body Fix Coach studio in Tatenhill Burton upon Trent

We use our extensive knowledge of the human body to help athletes and generally active people, to find the root cause of pain or injury, by looking at the body with a human movement assessment.

We then implement our personalised ‘Body Fix Method’ which has helped many of our clients to save time and money, but most importantly, to help them get back to their beloved activity.

The Body Fix Studio is here in Burton upon Trent.

Sports massage therapy

Sports massage therapy

Our skilled sports massage therapists understand the importance of optimising physical performance and overall well-being. Sports massage is a proven technique designed to alleviate muscle tension, improve circulation, and enhance flexibility.

Unlock the full potential of your body and achieve peak physical and mental condition with our sports massage services in Burton upon Trent.

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Corporate workshops

In 2021, almost 150 million working days were lost to injuries or sickness, in the UK - on average 4.6 days per worker.  Many of these are as a result of musculoskeletal problems, which include back pain, neck and upper limb issues.

The Body Fix Coach delivers workshops which will enable employees to be healthier and happier - to increase performance and increase staff retention.

Corporate workshops from The Body Fix Coach

Musculoskeletal conditions account for the third-largest area of NHS spend, costing around £5 billion each year.

Not only does the pain and disability of poor musculoskeletal health limit independence and the ability to participate in family, social and working life, it impacts employers and the business world.

Find out how we can help your business, and your staff

Movement is medicine!

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