Would you finally like to be rid of the pain in your body that has held you hostage for so long?

Lost A Piece Of Your Identity Of Who You Are?

And you have tried different solutions to your pain including Physios, Chiropractors and medication but still no resolve.


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The older you become, the more the pain hangs around...

You used to be an athlete or take part in some physical activity.

But injuries and pain have forced you to stop or give up the activity you used to love doing.

You think that your active days are over, and the older you get, the more normal the pain has become.

Now you are sat day in and day out behind a desk, with a lost identity of who you used to be.

But, something deep down within, knows that you have to get back to some sort of health & fitness in your life before it becomes too late.

You feel the time is against you and have had enough of other solutions that just haven't worked out.

Your weight has crept up, you avoid things that should be simple like chasing the kids around the park.

You feel like this is how it is going to be forever.

Watching sport on the TV instead of taking part yourself.

You are a wounded Lion.

You have lost your roar.

It's time to regain the roar, reclaim your health, and be the king of your jungle once again!

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In your Body: Not being able to do the activities you love. Slowly falling apart year upon year. Muscle loss, poor posture, overweight, high blood pressure, diabetes, low energy and poor sleeping habits.

In your business: Not being able to focus on the day, unable to get comfortable at the desk, losing opportunities for new business, on painkillers and managing your pain all day.

In your balance: Pain stops you from spending quality and present time with your partner & children. Constantly thinking that whatever you do will make your pain worse.

In your being: You have forgotten who you actually are. Long gone are the days of being able to get a release from stressful days at work through exercise. You forgot how to have fun. You are on a vicious cycle of going nowhere.

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James Bacon

Hey, thanks so much for landing on this page!

I totally get where you are right now with pain and injury in your body and it can get really frustrating!

You start to lose hope that you'll be able to get back to your physical activity!

I've been there myself after multiple injuries but what I have found and educated myself on is how the body actually works!

I've helped a lot of people who were frustrated with their bodies and couldn't find a solution that actually got them back to health and full fitness!

If you want to join our growing community on WhatsApp and get access to my private training vault, which has lot's of advice and coaching on the body & nutrition you are more than welcome to join us!

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Best regards, James.

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What would be possible if you got back on top of your health and body?

Better energy, focus and drive each day that you wake up to know that when you walk into your business day that you are weaponised and ready to conquer the day ahead.

Better relationships in your balance. More energy, your sex drive back up, able to stay awake at night time and have engaging relationships with your significant other. Better relationships with your kids, being able to chase and play your kids without being out of breath and in pain.

More confidence when you look in the mirror, a sense of purpose again back in your beloved sport at some level. Clothes fitting better without the feeling of having to hide your body.

And most importantly remembering who you actually are.

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