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The Body Fix Coach offers workshops for your business wellness. A two hour body fix workshop designed to increase productivity, employee retention and performance in the workplace for staff. And, decrease absences and churn. This two hour workshop can be done on site or at our studio in Tatenhill, Burton On Trent or in your workplace.

Office ergonomics workshop with The Body Fix Coach

Work-related injuries and sickness

Statistics from 2021 have found 149.3 million hours were lost due to injuries or sickness in the UK, with 470,000 workers suffering from work-related musculoskeletal disorders (new or long- standing) in 2020/21.

45% or 212 thousand workers suffered upper limb or neck disorders, with a further 39% (182 thousand workers) having back issues, and 16% (76 thousand workers) experiencing lower limb disorders.

Recent Workshops...

Kenneth Morris Limited, Bromsgrove.

We recently visited Kenneth Morris Limited Accountancy in Bromsgrove. We has a fantastic 2 hours delivering this workshop to the employees. 

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The Body Fix Workshop is a proactive workshop with ideas that will help and prevent such figures arising in your company.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how the Body Fix Coach can help your company reduce the figures of absence.

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