The Power Of Emotional Intelligence

I first met Sanjay Shah into the last part of 2019. And my life and business have never quite been the same since. 

Sanjay came on board in my business coaches group. We had a zoom meeting for introductions and Sanjay told me about his health and how he has had three heart attacks. My first thoughts were, how is this guy still alive?. 

Sanjay then told me about the issues he has had with his back for 20 years. And a little information about his business. I went around to his flat to meet him. I did an assessment on Sanjays movment and he said "James, you've told me more about what's going on with me in 5 minutes than anyone ever has in 20 years!".  

Sanjay got to asking me some questions about how I am with my emotions. Now, I knew of IQ (Intelligence Quota) but, I had no idea of what EQ (Emotional Quta) meant.

"What If you could use the anger like a laser, instead of a shotgun?" Was the first question he fired at me. 

This really got me intreagued. I agreed to go on his Emotional mastery retreat for the first time. I can remember when Sanjay said, "why are you so angry?" and I looked at him and thought "I'm not angry ever". 

A couple of years later, I now understand more and more about myself each week. Or who I'm not. 

Having the power to control your emotions and not let them control me, has certainly made a huge difference. 

The results which I have produced in my personal life and business life has been quite incredible. 

Today I'd like to share Sanjays most recent blog on his website. Have a browse over and if it sparked an interest like it did me, reach out to book a conversation. 

You can reach out for a 15 minute conversation with me anytime. If you are struggling with your health and body go here

James Bacon The Body Fix Coach Limited



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