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About Me

I have been in the health and fitness industry for 13 years as a business owner. Having owned multiple private training studios. I now find myself working with many clients online around the world and still doing a few hours per week inside the gym.

I am passionate about movement and strength training. Helping people to understand the correct way to approaching training no matter their age, starting point or current ability.


I've been on a personal journey of my own since the age of 19. From being an overweight child to losing 8 stone. I found myself interested in helping others with their personal health and fitness goals.

This led me to become a qualified personal trainer and starting my own business. Since then I have qualified in several areas of interest.

A Level 4 Strength and conditioning coach, working with athletes and teams.

A Bioforce conditioning coach which further helped me to understand conditioning protocols for getting athletes and regular clients in tip-top fitness.

As an MMA strength and conditioning coach, I have worked with clubs to develop the fighters and get them ready for fights.

A human movement specialist. Studying human movement science enables me to identify problems in biomechanics and movement. Then help clients to develop a strong foundation.

On top of this a nutrition coach for performance. From working with people to help them lose weight, gain muscle and increase performance in sports.

I pried myself with constant learning and understanding of how I can transfer my knowledge and experience to helping clients win on their journeys.

About My Business.

In 2007 I established my business, JDB Strength and Conditioning. I have had three personal training studios in my 13 years as a coach. The Body Fix Coach was established in 2019 after further building my skills, knowledge and experience in understanding Biomechanics and human movement Science.

Where can I train with you?

I work with clients online. As well as in three locations. Located in Burton on Trent and Derby. For physical training enquiries please book a call or drop a message to the Facebook page

About my work

I believe in an individualized approach with every client but bring everyone together in my community. No two people are the same and I must take into consideration where they are on their journey. My knowledge and experience are what sets me apart and being an approachable people person is why my clients trust in me to deliver their health, body and fitness goals.

I look forward to helping you to regain your roar!

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